Just eight steps, how to identify refurbished mobile phones

Many friends asked about the problem of refurbished mobile phones. In fact, the refurbished mobile phone is to collect the original movement, outer casing or outer packaging for repair or processing, and then sell it as a new machine. There are many types, the main ones are: 1. Old machines with problematic circuit boards, re-packaged … Continue reading “Just eight steps, how to identify refurbished mobile phones”

Many friends asked about the problem of refurbished mobile phones. In fact, the refurbished mobile phone is to collect the original movement, outer casing or outer packaging for repair or processing, and then sell it as a new machine. There are many types, the main ones are:

1. Old machines with problematic circuit boards, re-packaged after repair or assembly of parts, the performance of such machines is the most unstable;

2. The outer casing of a normal old machine is sold as a new one after being processed or replaced;

3. Non-regular channel machines are refreshed after being refreshed by software, repackaged, and the stability of such software is generally lacking. A common feature of these refurbished machines is that they cannot enjoy after-sales service as regular licensed goods.

Here’s how to identify the experience of refurbished mobile phones. Let’s take a look.

Look at the serial number (IMEI)

The serial number of the mobile phone, like the ID card of the mobile phone, the IMEI number of each machine is unique. Generally speaking, it can be judged whether a machine is genuine. The method of judging is as follows: in the standby state of the mobile phone, input *#06#, the string of numbers displayed on the mobile phone is the serial number of the motherboard, and write it down; remove the battery of the machine and look at the two labels on the back of the mobile phone. The serial number on the white label, that is, the serial number of the chassis, and the other label is generally the network access license. Whether it is consistent with the previous figures; look at the IMEI number on the box of the machine, compare the three, to see if they are consistent. If the motherboard serial number and the chassis serial number are inconsistent, then this machine is likely to be repaired or assembled, and must not be purchased. If the three serial numbers are the same, plus the network access license, it can basically prove that the machine is genuine, but it can not be 100% certain, because now JS can make any fake, the motherboard serial number can use computers and software. Brushing, fake serial number labels and network access licenses can be purchased for a few dollars. For the sake of caution, you should continue to verify according to the following methods.

Look at the machine package and instructions

The packaging and manuals of the regular new machine are beautifully printed, mostly for coated paper. The fonts and images are very clear and layered, while the fake boxes are mostly simple one-sided paper, the fonts and images are rough, and the printed characters are blurred. Many refurbished manuals for informal channels are even copied. There are also some refurbished machines that use the original authentic packaging boxes and instructions, but after all, the machine is old, the packaging box must be worn, the instructions must also have traces of use, pay attention to when buying, you can find.

Look into the network license

There is a watermark on the real network license, the surface color is not uniform, there are deep and shallow, thick and thin; and the fake is mostly copy, the surface color has not changed. If you can’t see it, you can also use the money detector to take a photo license. If you have a security pattern, you will see a red “CMII” pattern. The fake pattern is blurred. The true network access card is generally printed with a dot matrix printer. The numbers are clear. Look carefully for the dents of the needles. The fake network access license is printed by ordinary printers. The numbers are not very clear and there are no dents. In general, network access licenses are more difficult to fake, after all, the equipment required for fraud is relatively high in cost. In addition, you can also check the authenticity of the network access license by online query, which will not be explained in detail here.

Look at the phone case

When you open a new machine, you will notice clearly that there are foils in the “key parts” of the machine for key protection, such as internal screens, external screens, cameras, etc. These parts will leave fingerprints as long as they touch. When you see the fingerprint on the new machine, don’t let JS know if you explain it. In addition, the dust and the use of traces are also difficult to avoid. It is also difficult to avoid the gap between the upper and lower casings of the machine, the gap around the keyboard, and the charger slot. It is easy to “stain dirt”, the clamshell machine There will also be traces of used marks on the shaft, as well as special attention. The outer casing of the refurbished machine is usually original, or the old casing is carefully processed. Therefore, the front and rear parts of the casing are prone to tight closure and large seams. The identification method is to try the nails. Can you insert the seam of the top and bottom of the phone, if you can insert it, assemble the case. For the machine without replacing the outer casing, JS sprayed with a kind of aerosol like a cleaning agent before the sale. The surface of the old shell immediately showed a matte effect like the new one. If it is not carefully viewed, it will be mixed by JS, but It won’t take long, the paint of the case will fall off. When you buy it, you must carefully observe the outer casing. Because the process of JS is good, there is no advanced equipment. If you look carefully, you can see a little particle . It is dust, which is caused by not working in a vacuum room when painting. If you are a clamshell machine, you can also check the combination of the flip cover, because sometimes, even if JS handles the surface of the machine no matter how good, these places will inevitably leave some traces of dust. Also check if the fuselage screws are brand new and there are no traces of the screwdriver. What’s more important is that many new mobile phones have a distinct sandal scent, while old machines and shellers generally do not have such a taste, or have the odor left during processing.

Watch mobile phone accessories

The new machine of the regular manufacturer has a full set of original accessories, at least one electric and one charge. The accessories of the refurbished mobile phone are generally not complete or not the original one. Before purchasing the machine, it is best to go to the relevant website to find out what the original original parts are equipped to prevent the JS buckle accessories. In addition, if you find scratches on the plug of the matching charger and headphones, then this phone is probably not new.

Look at usage records

Take a look at the games, text messages, phone books, call logs, self-made ringtones and other items in the phone, if there are any records that have been used, if any, there is a very large suspicion of renovation. In addition, in the normal use process, the machine frequently shuts down automatically or crashes, then it can be said that the motherboard or software of this phone has certain problems. (Do not forget to read the contents of the memory card!!!)

Look at the warranty

Ask the dealer about the warranty period of the machine and ask for a formal invoice. Refurbished mobile phones cannot enjoy all the rights and benefits of the “three guarantees” of regular mobile phones, so there is generally no warranty period or a relatively short warranty period. If the seller says that they are responsible for the warranty, they can’t agree, because regular mobile phones are generally nationwide. If the seller can’t do this, then the phone must have a problem.

Look at the price

As the saying goes, greed is cheap and big. Before buying a machine, it is best to check the price of the mobile phone in the local newspaper or website. If the price quoted by JS is “very cheap”, you should be vigilant. This “cheap” mobile phone is not a refurbished mobile phone or informal channel. The product is the accessory “lack of two short”. It is recommended to buy a mobile phone from a regular sales store with good reputation and heavy service. It has a complete three-pack certificate, a valid invoice and a three-pack card. In this way, when there is a problem with the machine, the legal rights can be guaranteed.

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