Polish our eyes, true and false mobile phone battery identification guide

Mobile phone batteries are required for every mobile phone, but the imitation goods on the market are endless. First, the length of the standby time The length of battery standby time is an important indicator of the pros and cons of the battery. The length of battery standby time is determined by the balance of … Continue reading “Polish our eyes, true and false mobile phone battery identification guide”

Mobile phone batteries are required for every mobile phone, but the imitation goods on the market are endless.

First, the length of the standby time

The length of battery standby time is an important indicator of the pros and cons of the battery. The length of battery standby time is determined by the balance of the unit rechargeable batteries that make up the battery. The actual battery standby time should be basically the same as that indicated on the manual. The fake is only half of the identification time. Some inferior batteries are assembled from used batteries and cores, plus new packaging. If the seller cannot guarantee that the standby time is the same as the instructions, you cannot purchase the battery. Some sellers have vowed, in fact, he does not know the actual capacity of the battery, just casually dictation. Such batteries are typically fabricated from poor quality battery cells. If you find that the standby time is short after purchase, you should request a refund immediately.

Second, the battery capacity

The capacity of a mobile phone battery is generally 1000 mAh/hour or 1000 mAh. Some fake batteries have no capacity identification at all, and there are signs and illegible characters. You can also take the battery to the mobile phone repair shop to measure the current to distinguish between true and false. Now everyone is using a lithium battery, and the lithium battery is composed of several batteries that are similar to the size of the 5th and 7th, and is equipped with a switching device and a protection circuit. So it has a certain weight. If the lithium battery you bought is too light, the battery capacity is insufficient and the battery may be defective. Generally, the weight of a 900mAh lithium battery cell is 35g. If the battery core of a battery plus other equipment and the battery case weigh less than 35g, the battery may be fake.

Third, security

The mobile phone battery is a flammable and explosive material. If there is no protection circuit inside the battery, it is easily deformed, leaked, or even exploded. However, in order to attract consumers at low prices, many inferior batteries have removed this circuit protection board to make more profits. There are still many unsafe batteries on the market, and it is difficult to identify them from the outside. It is best to buy at a regular telecommunications mall when purchasing.

There are three main types of mobile phone batteries on the market: lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel batteries. Because lithium-ion battery has the largest capacity, long standby time and light weight, it is the mainstream of mobile phone batteries. Therefore, all of the above are based on lithium batteries.

Appearance discrimination

The common problem of counterfeit and shoddy batteries is that the core components in the battery have poor quality, insufficient charging capacity, short discharge time, poor anti-destructive performance, and the standard battery capacity does not match the actual. All of this leads to short standby and talk time of the mobile phone. When the battery is fully charged, it will be fully discharged, and some will automatically shut down.

At present, the market is full of fake and shoddy mobile phone batteries, which has damaged the interests of many consumers. Genuine mobile phone batteries generally have the following appearance characteristics: the battery label uses secondary printing technology. Under certain light, when viewed from the slope, the color of the barcode part is obviously darker than other parts, and it is touched by hand, which feels slightly smaller than other parts. Convex, many original batteries have this feature. The surface of the genuine battery label is lightly scratched with metal objects, and there are traces like pencils. The battery case is made of special materials, which is very strong and not easy to damage. Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to open the battery case. The battery has a neat appearance, no extra burrs, a certain roughness on the outer surface and a comfortable hand. The inner surface feels smooth and under the light. Can see fine vertical scratches.

The battery electrode and the mobile phone battery have the same width, and the corresponding position under the battery electrode is marked with a “+” and “-” mark. The insulation material between the battery charging electrode pieces is the same as the outer casing material, but not integral. When the battery is installed in the phone, feel comfortable and comfortable. The battery lock is partially and securely pressed. The battery label is clearly written and has a battery part number corresponding to the battery type. The manufacturer on the battery should have a clear outline, and the anti-counterfeiting mark has good brightness and looks three-dimensional.

掂 component

Usually, lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight, and each battery is about 100 grams. Considering this obvious feature, you can’t fake it at random. You can use the method of measuring the weight of the mobile phone battery to identify whether the battery belongs to the hanging sheep. The type of dog meat sold, after all, other types of batteries, compared with lithium-ion batteries, the weight difference is relatively large, simply called a weight, if the battery is too heavy or too far from the 100-gram standard, it can be roughly inferred This battery is a counterfeit product.

The advantage of this method is that it is intuitive to identify and easy to operate. The disadvantage is that the identification range is limited, and it is only effective for identifying lithium ion batteries, and it is not convenient to implement.


The “watching and seeing” here actually refers to carefully observing the appearance color of the mobile phone battery, whether it is consistent with the appearance color of the mobile phone. At present, many mobile phone manufacturers, in order to gain a foothold in the mixed market and protect their own interests, will often strive to improve the technological level of mobile phone batteries through continuous technological transformation, in order to ensure the suppression of fake batteries through high quality quality. Battery sales. Under normal circumstances, the appearance color of the original mobile phone is exactly the same as the appearance color of the mobile phone battery. Therefore, we can install the battery that has just been selected on the mobile phone to see if the colors are the same between them. If there is a significant difference in the color and color between them, the battery is likely to be a counterfeit product.

Texture identification

There are some kinds of mobile phone batteries, we can completely identify the authenticity of the battery according to the method of combining the hardness of the point. Press firmly on the rounded joint of the phone battery and use your finger to directly feel the softness and hardness of the joint. Normally, the binding point of the genuine mobile phone battery is relatively softer, and it also shows a certain flexibility, especially when the battery is inserted into the mobile phone, there is a smooth and non-blocking feeling, and it is easy to insert, and it is suitable for the mobile phone. The harmony is stable with the lock; on the contrary, the texture of the inferior battery is relatively hard, and the battery is not easy to “slip” into the battery compartment of the mobile phone when it is installed.

The advantage of this method is that the operation is very simple. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the identification is not high, and the scope of identification is limited.

Packaging identification

Every piece of mobile phone battery with superior quality looks clean and clean, the texture is very clear, and the surface of the case is free of any scratches and damages. The label attached to the battery case should contain the type, model and capacity. , positive and negative signs, standard voltage, battery manufacturer name and other parameters. In addition, there should be no scratches on the metal contacts on the battery, and there should be no green or black mildew. If the mobile phone battery you selected is different from the genuine mobile phone battery described above, you can basically assume that the current purchased battery is a fake.

Charging observation

In general, the mobile phone battery with superior performance has an overcurrent protection device. Once a short circuit occurs outside the mobile phone and a large inrush current is generated, the overcurrent protection device can automatically cut off the charging circuit to avoid the high current of the mobile phone battery. Damage or burnout caused by impact. In the inferior battery, there is a good possibility that there is no overcurrent protection device; thus, after the battery is charged for a long time, the battery case may be hot, and if it is serious, smoke may occur. If the battery does not charge for a long time, it will appear hot, then the battery is out of order. The biggest advantage of this identification method is that it can accurately test the authenticity of the mobile phone battery, and it is effective for various batteries.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html

Some of these methods are stupid, but they are very practical. In general, it can be used to select batteries for most machine friends. I hope that you can buy cheap and high-quality products when you buy batteries for your love machine.