Abandoned Creepy Stone House

The famous little stone house in Portland goes by many names: the Witchs House, the Trail House, and the Forest House, though usually its called by its most common name, the Stone House. Even though the small, weed-overgrown structure has adopted an overflow of legends about the surrounding woods, and the origins of the house … Continue reading “Abandoned Creepy Stone House”

The famous little stone house in Portland goes by many names: the Witchs House, the Trail House, and the Forest House, though usually its called by its most common name, the Stone House. Even though the small, weed-overgrown structure has adopted an overflow of legends about the surrounding woods, and the origins of the house itself, you might not believe what its first incarnation was… Built in the mid-1930s, the little elaborate house was used for a decade as a public trail bathroom before the buildings water-line was completely destroyed during the infamous Columbus Day storm of October 12, 1962. Because the structure had been heavily vandalized over the years, the decision was made to gut the building rather than embark on costly repairs, Mark Ross, Media Relations at Portland Parks and Recreation recently explained to Roadtrippers. It remains as a favorite spot to rest along the trail. Hikers can find the Stone House on the Lower Macleary Trail, all you have to do is look for the largest tree in the woods, which is located along the path and you cant miss it. If you happen to spot some strange people holding blinking tools while youre there, its probably because Forest Park is also rumored to be haunted. Ghost hunters have been visiting the woods for years trying to capture the strange lights, and shadow figures rumored to be lurking in the nearby brush. Whether youre an avid hiker, photographer, or just a lover of spooky stories, Portlands Stone House has something for pretty much everyone. And if youre a fan of all three, welcome to your new favorite place!

Its only .5 miles to the house from the Upper Macleay Parking lot, near the Portland Audubon Society or .75 of a mile from the Lower Macleay Parking lot at NW 30th and Upshur.

Checkout this video of me exploring abandoned stone house in skamania

Most people who visit the house actually think its some kind of haunted remains.It was built in the mid-1930s, and was used for a decade as a public trail bathroom before the buildings water-line was completely destroyed during the infamous Columbus Day storm of October 12, 1962!

This was a really nice day hike/walk though the woods along a creek. The house was very cool but I didnt see any witch ghosts!

Been told this place is called the witches castle. Loved seeing it in person, very easy to find. Did the hike as the sun set, so walking thru the woods in darkness gave it a spooky feel. However, its covered in graffiti and the stairs to the 2nd floor is blocked by a fallen tree – just a heads up!

For starters the map marker is all wrong, its much closer to Cornell road. Its a short, pretty walk but the building itself is all tagged so its not really that cool to look at.

The idea is great and the forest were lovely, smelled so good, however I was not able to find the stone house on my limited timeframe. There were other things to find/see, and I would rate this higher on those, but the TITLE is abandoned creepy stone house….have time to search for it.

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Spooky Southern Mansions for Sale

4 Spooky Southern Mansions for Sale

With all the history packed into these Southern mansions, were betting there are at least a few spirits watching over them. Besides, whats more fun than decorating a big, old house for Halloween?

Known as Kenworthy-Carlisle Hall, this Italianate-style mansion was constructed by cotton factor Edward Kenworthy Carlisle just before the onset of the Civil War. According to the listing, the home was designed by renowned NYC architect Richard Upjohn (architect of Trinity Church). The interior features all the opulence of yesteryear and perhaps a ghost or two! Stories of hauntings began to emerge in the mid-20th century, when the house sat vacant and served as a hotspot for vandals. In 1987, author Kathryn Tucker Windham told of The Faithful Vigil at Carlisle Hall in her first book of ghost stories,13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. In the story, the ghost of a young woman (possibly Carlisles wife, Lucinda) awaits her lover in the fourth floor tower room.

For more information and photos, visitThe Realedyne Group, Inc..

Listing Agent:Wallace Erickson, The Realedyne Group, Inc.; (941) 923-1800

Eufaula is home to the second-largest historic district in Alabama and contains a wealth of showstopping Antebellum mansions. It might not be officially haunted, but if we were ghosts, wed surely lurk among the stately columns of this magnificent, circa 1850 historical estate. Surely, Scarlett and Rhett would feel right at home here!

For more information and photos, visitConner-Lawrence Real Estate.

Listing Agent:Grace Sanders, Conner-Lawrence Real Estate, Inc.; (334) 687-2048

Dating back to 1807, the Zachariah Lea Home is the oldest home in Amite County, Mississippi. Despite a few additions, the home has changed little in the past 200+ years and is thus a rarity among historical Southern plantations. We can almost feel the spirits of the past lurking in those deep, dark hallways! If youre looking for stories of yesteryear, just ask the deceased members of the Lea family, many of whom reside in the propertys on-site cemetery.

For more information and photos, visitCIRCA Old Houses.

Listing Agent:Jo Jo Paulk, Cabin & Creek Real Estate; (601) 680-4606

Purportedly haunted by a beautiful ghost named Sylvia, Panola Hall has been a landmark in Eatonton since its construction prior to the Civil War. Today, its a shining example of Antebellum Greek Revival architecture and a thus a fitting home to a refined Southern belle such as Sylvia, who has lurked the halls for over a century. As early as the 1860s, then-resident Louise Reid Pruden Hunt penned the following verse about the lovely apparition:

For more information and photos, visitCIRCA Old Houses.

Listing Agent:Jeanne Dufort, Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee / Lake Country; (706) 342-1440

Writer Elizabeth Finkelstein is a self-proclaimed old house addict on a lifelong hunt for her perfect historic home. From big Victorian fixer-uppers to tiny colonials to mid-century modern masterpieces, Elizabeth believes that the best homes show the charm of having been loved over time. She chronicles it all on her website

, which showcases beautiful old houses for sale across the country.

Follow Elizabeth onTwitterFacebook, andPinterest.

11 Beautiful Barn Photos to Celebrate Fall »

9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall »

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Real Estate Sampler: Historic Garden Homes

House Crush: This Family-Friendly California Farmhouse is Simply Lovely

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Real Estate Sampler: Homes with Regal Roofs

5 Real -Life Haunted Homes for Sale

Renovating a Historic Home in Mississippi

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Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions

Michael Light often snaps his photos from a two-seater plane at a bumpy 70 mph that he pilots himself at the same time, but youd never know it from his well-composed aerial shots. From swimming-pooled suburbs in Phoenix to razed hills awaiting their luxury homes in Nevada, Light has been documenting the western U.S.s unique topography from the air for the past decade.

In his series on Black Mountain, Nevada, Lights photos put viewers in the plane with him as he glides over 640 acres of dynamite-flattened hilltops, carved through with pristine roads and cul de sacs linking graded house foundations. But there are no houses. No lawns, no pools, no sidewalks. No guard-staffed gates. This is the site of the Ascaya luxury housing development, which has lain dormant since the economic crash of 2008.

Once they get built, its hard to un-build them, says Light. From the air the sculpted earth reads like a strange code cut into the brown hills.

The Sun Belt cities experienced the most rapid growth of any American urban area in the early 21st century, and were hardest hit in the economic downtown. The ferocious demand for housing over-sized, over-watered trophy housing resulted in major alterations to the landscape.

The theme continues in Lights work on Lake Las Vegas, a complex of luxury housing, country clubs and casinos fringing an artificial lake. The photos capture the surrealism of these instant cities made even more uncanny by their stalled development. Huge faux-Mediterranean mansions and irrigated yards neighbor bleak scrub brush. Residents use the empty lots next door for parking. Swaths of velvety golf lawns are framed by barren dirt.

What humans do stays evident for a long time, says Light, explaining his attraction to the region. Light, who is based in San Francisco, focuses on how economic vacillations impact our terrain and the American sense of entitlement toward homeownership. As Light puts it, these developments promised a dream of classless classes, endless exuberance, Medici living for the everyday guy and a castle on the cheap protected from the politics gathering just outside the gates.

While the subject matter is bleak, Lights depictions are quite the opposite. Unlike a deadpan, New Topographics-style view of altered landscapes, his work is exalted and hyper-sharp. His troubling images of dirty rivers, interlacing highways or denuded hills are portrayed with grandeur, creating an unsettling tension of repulsion and attraction.

I dont want to lecture or heckle. I suppose its a primal thing I want to go out there and document moments of amazement, says Light. Flying offers him the freedom of airspace from which to see the land. And like Earth-observing satellites, he can see things hes not supposed to.

The scale portrayed in Lights work is extended in the prints he makes, which are usually at least 40 x 50 inches large. Light has shot mostly with large-format film until very recently shifting to digital. His books handmade in the studio are huge, sometimes requiring a special stand to hold them. Made in an epic, 19th-century style, the books are, in part, his attempt to answer the insubstantiality of the digital image.

As for his photos, Light is viewing these expanses with a much longer timeline than just a few years. There is no wilderness any more. Its an utterly cultivated planet, he says, and yet he also states that geology is a great comfort to him as a measure of time in the Wests open landscape. It puts the unsustainable pace of urbanization into perspective: these homes, not to mention cities, may eventually return to dust.

An exhibition of Michael Lights photographs of the arid west opens October 30 at New Yorks Danziger Gallery and runs through December 21.

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Inside the Spanish ghost villages you can buy for 50000

Inside the ghost villages you can buy for 50,000: Thousands of abandoned Spanish hamlets for sale at less than half the price of a London garage

Entire Spanish villages on sale for as little as 50,000 – 200,000 less than the average UK home

Buyers get a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000sqft of farmland

One village with six houses and 32,000sqft of land costs 75,000, the same as a Battersea parking space

According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain

Published:12:18 GMT, 9 March 2014Updated:11:31 GMT, 10 March 2014

Rotting and abandoned, these ghostly Spanish villages were deserted during the recession as their owners fled the country to find jobs in the city.

But now they are being snapped up by foreigners, a third of them British, for knock-down prices and turned into idyllic retirement properties.

For just 75,000 an adventurous investor can snap up the village of Ribeira Sacra along with six houses, a warehouse, and 32,000sqft of land – the same price as a parking space in Battersea or a two-bedroom bungalow in Bognor Regis.

The kitchen of one of four empty homes in an abandoned village close to Ortiguiera

Haunting: Hay bales rot in their lofts, highlighting how the properties were abandoned

The bedroom of one of the properties in the village close to Ortiguiera. Buyers will also get three barns and a cattle shed

The village of Barrerios, near Pontevena is just one of 2,900 villages which lie abandoned in rural Spain and are being sold off for knock-down prices

According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain

Similar villages in the same region are being sold for as little as 50,000 which includes a three-bedroom main house along with five other buildings

At 50,000 the whole village costs 200,000 less than the average house in the UK, and 350,000 less than the average flat in London

Another village is being sold online for 75,000, the same price as a parking garage in Battersea or a two-bedroom bungalow in Bognor Regis

These pictures show the village of Pena Vella, near Pontenova, one of many similar clusters of homes that are now being sold.

A similar village in the same area is being sold for just 50,000 and comes with a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000sqft of farmland.

According to estate agent Rafael Canales there are around 2,900 empty villages in rural Spain, the majority of which are bought by middle-class couples in their 50s or 60s looking for somewhere quiet for their retirement.

The semi-abandoned village has a watermill and is situated in 20,000m of land

Fallen silent: Abandoned millstones sit among the rotting wooden machinery

Derelict: Many of the properties need extensive work to be made habitable, although some properties are in better shape than others

Spain was one of the worst-affected countries in the global recession, with unemployment surging 20 per cent

According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain

Crumbling: Although the structures may be crumbling, the countryside setting is idyllic

This village is described as an absolutely lovely natural place with much wild life, deer, trout in the streams

Families who fled the villages for the town see returning home as a step backward

Take the example of British father-of-two Neil Christie who bought the hamlet of Arrunada in an idyllic corner of rural north west Spain.

Even after he has totally renovated the four dilapidated properties, he expects to have spent no more than 140,000 on the project.

He and his wife have moved from their former home in Cumbria and are now staying in a nearby village where Mrs Christie works as a schoolteacher, while Mr Christie spends his time renovating their future home.

British pensioner Neil Christie bought a village last year and expects to spend just 140,000 renovating it for him and his wife to live in during their retirement

The villages, some of which have been owned by the same families for generations, were abandoned during the financial crash as they headed to cities to find work

A map shows the extent of the abandoned properties across rural Spain which are being snapped up for knock-down prices, 8 per cent of which go to foreign investors

Even the most expensive village on his books, Ribadero, will set the buyers back just 372,000, roughly 25,000 less than the average London flat.

Spain was one of the worst-affected countries in the recession, with unemployment surging 20 per cent in the aftermath of the crash, and today more than 5million people are still without a job.

Mr Canales added that families who fled to larger towns in order to earn money are often loath to return to the country because it is viewed as taking a step backwards.

Picturesque: Many of the homes boast rustic period features

An abandoned village on the Costa de La Muerte (Coast of Death). The region received its ominous name because there have been so many shipwrecks along its treacherous rocky shore

The Costa de La Muerte property has four houses, barns, threshing areas and water and electricity

Scenic: The view from the the Costa de La Muerte property

Spains economy was one of Europes worst-hit during the financial crash as unemployment surged 20 per cent. Even today more than 5million people are without jobs

The abandoned homes are being sold now because the families cannot pay the upkeep or know they will never be able to afford to return

These werent abandoned in the recession they were …

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Father and daughter arrested for incest after she has his baby

Emergency services treat man with stab wounds on Oxford Street

This is for our guys!: Russian pilot takes his own life in Syria

No make up: Young Brits unable to cope with migrant manual jobs

Moment giraffe face-plants into the ground after being released

Sickening moment parents abuse child with a plastic bag

David Harbour stars in hysterical Super Bowl ad for Tide

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Abandoned homes haunt Floridas housing market

Abandoned homes haunt Floridas housing market

Abandoned homes haunt Floridas housing market

This home on Burlington Court in suburban Lake Worth was foreclosed on by JPMorgan Chase in 2010 and abandoned by the homeowner. The bank has yet to receive a final judgment on the property so its upkeep is technically the responsibility of the homeowner. The county has placed a lien on the home, but the neighbors are concerned that its not being maintained and has a large hole in the roof.

Floridas real estate market remains haunted by decaying and abandoned properties even as new foreclosures slow and home values rise.

These so-called zombie foreclosures properties forsaken by both the bank and borrower number 54,900 statewide, including 14,600 in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, according to a new report from RealtyTrac.

The concentration in Florida makes it tops in the nation for zombie foreclosures, with South Florida ranking first among large metro areas.

Illinois has the second highest number of vacant foreclosures by state at 15,510, followed by New York with 10,880. Among metro areas, Tampa-St. Petersburg ranks second nationally, with Chicago coming in third.

The reality is that new foreclosure activity is no longer the biggest threat to the housing market, said Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac vice president. The biggest threat from foreclosures going forward is properties that have been lingering in the process for years, many of them vacant with neither the homeowner nor the lender taking responsibility for maintenance and upkeep.

Many of the homes are stuck in limbo because banks filed to foreclose on them years ago, but then walked away from the case after realizing it didnt make financial sense to take the home back, said Nicole Clowers, director of the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Clowers and Blomquist spoke Tuesdayduring a housing conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

New foreclosure filings nationwide were at their lowest level in February since December 2005, according to RealtyTrac. In Florida, new foreclosures were down 53 percent from the same time last year, while Palm Beach Countys clerks office recorded just 518 new cases in February_ a 49 percent drop from 2013.

Its still unclear, however, whether the drop in Florida foreclosures is a permanent change or a temporary trend while banks catch up to a new law that went into effect in July.

U.S. Postal Service information on vacancies was used to study the issue of abandoned foreclosures. But the Government Accountability Office also had access to bank records, leading it to the conclusion that lenders will walk away from a foreclosure if its too costly to repossess.

In some cases they initiate the foreclosure and then realize its going to be a money-losing venture and stop, Clowers said.

Suburban Lake Worth resident Mike Herndon doesnt know if thats what happened to a moldering house in his neighborhood on Burlington Court, but hes frustrated the home isnt being maintained by the bank or owner.

JPMorgan Chase filed to foreclose on the home in 2010, according to Palm Beach County court records. Herndon said the owner left soon after. The most recent court action taken was in July 2013, but there is still no final judgment. A message to Chase was not returned by deadline.

The Burlington Court home has slowly deteriorated. A leak in the roof turned into a large hole that different property maintenance firms have repeatedly tried to cover with a tarp. Last Thursdays heavy winds pulled the tarp off again, taking roof tiles with it.

Palm Beach County put a $50-a-day lien against the home in July.

I have been writing letters and emails for the better part of three years trying to get this property taken care of, Herndon said.

Two years later, Lake Worth zombie foreclosure lives on

Palm Beach County mugshots: Arrest photos from Palm Beach County

Super Bowl 52: 3 things wrong with Justin Timberlakes half

BREAKING: 3 people shot overnight near West Palm plaza

Palm Beach County mugshots: Arrest photos from Palm Beach County

Super Bowl 52: 3 things wrong with Justin Timberlakes half

BREAKING: 3 people shot overnight near West Palm plaza

Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston, girlfriend expecting baby boy

This Is Us fans grieving over Jack Pearsons death

PBC forecast: Cloudy morning, partly sunny afternoon

BREAKING: 3 people shot overnight near West Palm plaza

Eagles also sent Las Vegas sports books to defeat

Awning at Philadelphia hotel collapses under weight of celebrating fans

PalmBeachPost.com – Get Palm Beach Countys News Now

myPalmBeachPost – Explore Exclusive Digital Extras and More

The Palm Beach Post – Real News Starts Here

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Weird (But Amazing!) New Year Rituals Around the World (PHOTOS)


1 of 50Alabama: CahawbaCahawba was the capital of Alabama from 1820-1826 and once a thriving antebellum town. During the Civil War, it was home to a prison for Union soldiers and later, it was a meeting place for freed slaves. However, the town was frequently flooded, so it was soon abandoned. (Flickr/Scott Weingart)

Scattered across prairielands, hidden in forests or left to rot in the middle of cities, America is full of ghost towns and abandoned buildings. Some might find these sites creepy, but from mining towns to abandoned farmsteads to forgotten roadside stops, these places stand frozen in time, a reminder of Americas past.

(MORE: Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit)

During the Gold Rush, mining towns sprung up quickly wherever gold and silver were discovered, like Nevadas town of Rhyolite and St. Elmo in Colorado. But these towns fell apart just as quickly as they were built when the mines were depleted. In the early 20th century, railroads lured settlers to homesteads in states like North Dakota with promises that the rain would follow the plow, according to National Geographic. But, when this failed to be true, these new towns and farms were quickly abandoned and forgotten, left to decay in the fields.

Hospitals, bridges, and even automobiles have similarly been left to decay once they outlived their purpose. In Iowa, a bridge that carried traffic over the river for 50 years was abandoned when the county re-channeled the river and rerouted the road. Meanwhile, a South Carolina forest has become a train graveyard, full of more than 70 rusting trains, and even a broken bus from New York City.

(MORE: 12 Abandoned Ghost Towns Around the World)

Today, many of these abandoned buildings are crumbling in ruins. It doesnt take long for nature to overtake structures that have been left exposed to the elements. In his bestselling book,The World Without Us,Alan Weisman wrote that structures crumble when weather does un-repaired damage and other life forms, such as insects, birds or mice, create new habitats in the rubble. To combat this natural decay, some ghost towns and historical abandoned buildings have been restored, preserved or turned into museums, like one of the flour mills in Minneapolis.

Here, we tour 50 abandoned towns, factories, bridges and lighthouses that can be found in each of the 50 states of America.

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2017 Its Amazing Out There Photo Contest: Best of Reflections

Photographing the Abandoned Homes Above the Arctic Circle (PHOTOS)

Strange Attractions You Can Only See In Michigan

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Finding an affordable mountain bike can be really tricky. After all, you are likely going to take this bike off-road and it is going to need to withstand rocks, washouts, mud, and logs without breaking. There is nothing more frustrating than having your bike frame snap when you are 5 miles from theSun, 19 Nov 2017 15:49:00

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Think all castles are in Europe? Think again. There are properties fit for fairy tales on this side of the Atlantic, too. In fact, one in Westchester County, New York, just went on the market for $3.69 million -and it looks like it was plucked straight out ofTue, 08 Aug 2017 18:27:00

On this page are some of the finest, custom choppers for sale anywhere. We have used chopper motorcycles for sale by owner as well as engines, parts and accessories that you can use to give your old bike a brand-new look with upgrades that would otherwise be too expensive.Mon, 20 Nov 2017 12:42:00

(If you come across any beautiful oldhouses for salefor under $50,000, send them … I took a break fromcheaphouse hunting in December to enjoy a nice, cozy …

From California to New York, there arehouses for salefor pennies on the dollar, and in a scattering of hard-hit neighborhoods somehousesare going for a few …

Youre left standing, staring through the front window of an oldabandonedmansion, across the street. Tales of grisly murders surround the old place and the …

Oct 14, 2014…Inside, theres original woodwork and a toilet in the living room. It needs a little work to return it to its 1910-era glory. Seehomes for salein …

Jan 3, 2016…We look at a lot ofabandonedplaces here on MessyNessyChic; we take a look around the empty shells, wonder why such wonderful places …

Historichomes for sale! Over 5000 fixer uppers, time capsules and restored historichomes.

1875MansionIs Being Sold For DirtCheap, But No One Wants ToBuyIt … gardner massachussetts sk piercemansionhaunted victorian house ghosts scary .

Jan 3, 2014…Check out these 10abandoned mansionsthat serve as eerie reminders of past elegance, and sometimes tell the story of an occupants fate.

Mar 23, 2011…At a paltry going price of $275,000, the Putnam County, N.Y. abode was nearly 60%cheaperthan the other neighborhoodhomes, thanks to a …

Cheap Abandoned Homes For SaleAbandonedvictorian house in HDR FREE by TEDnDEESphotography.

Auschwitz survivor, Anne Franks stepsister to speak at George Mason

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2018: February edition

New Federal Report Warns of Climate Change Impacts On Our Forests

If you prepaid property taxes to beat the Trump tax law, heres 3 things you need to know

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Abandoned Princes House

Today we have a series of very nice piece of architecture staying abandoned for quite a lot already. It is from Abkhazia region, the place that was under Russian rule long before communists came to power. Its located on the Black Sea and was so beloved by old Russian upper class that they called it Russian Riviera. This place has probably the most picturesque abandons from ex Soviet places. We had once the old abandoned railway station from there, if you dont remember take lookhereit was very nice looking series too. Today some shots of the abandoned Princes House, built almost two centuries ago by special Royal order.

Thats how it looked when prince got it.

It was not very long the prince could enjoy it, the communists took over and nationalized most of the luxury property in Russia. During Soviet Era the house was turned in elite summer residence for Moscow higher up men.

Thats how the placed look when it was conversed to the Hotel Seagull by the personal order of J. Stalin

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Another great set of photos. Great site.

It is bigger than my house. But general atmoshere is same. Needs some dusting.

OMG russia is so poor their princes have to live in abandoned houses. sad really.

Your mama shoulda kept her legs crossed!

OMG why is russia always abandoned, derelict, collapsing and rusting away?

Your mama shoulda kept her legs crossed.

OMG everything in Russia is abandoned, the contry is collapsing OMG OMG OMG the poor people OMG

the prince is not living there. its the place where the prince once lived, he is not living there now thats why it got the name ABANDONED.

Its a shame to see this go to waste. I would move in it today and start fixing it. It has so much potential. Of course, being poor, like me, with 2 kids doesnt help. God I hate being stuck here in the USA. Can someone squat on a place like this in Russia? Man, I would go there and do everything I could to hang on to it and get citizenship.

Russos always has the best photos! He has a wonderful sense of art, even when he is in the most mundane places. He also goes into the most interesting places that I would never dream of going!

The building is no way 2 centuries old. It is built in rather rustic version of Art Nouveau (Sezession, Jugendstil), a style popular at the turn of 19/20th centuries.

As to whether or not it was a villa looks to me it was a hotel from the very beginning.

i agreethe shape of the doors/windows as well as some of the metalwork throughout are very art nouveau.

Unbelievable Awesome pictures, excellent work on this site

Woah! How could they abandoned such architecture.

Reminds me of home, which is Detroit.

This home is much nicer then the homes I saw in Ekaterinburg!

It was holiday hotel or sanitarium (Seagull).

I was around there many times 20-30 years ago. It is the Old Gagra nice place like Riviera or better. Very sad to see it so dilapidated and desecrated. In the ninetieth the beautiful subtropical park was like a dirty wasteland with syringes left around by dragged guerrillas or soldiers, too dangerous to go there for anybody.

A perfect illustration of Russian 20th century history: the beauty of prerevolutionairy times got deformed by Stalin and eventually destroyed when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Its really sad to see such lovely architecture go to waste and nothing is being done to restore the place to its original beauty..very sad indeed

these are great photos! I remember going to New Jersey, US 20 years ago to see an abandoned mansion from a former king of some Soviet bloc country. Cant remember which one. Wasnt nearly as interesting as this. I also remember when I was a kid breaking in to Thomas Edisons abandoned summer mansion. A few years later (other) kids burned it down.

Built with czarist money stolen from the Russian people. Yes, a beautiful ruin, a captivating fantasy realized and abandoned. What a waste of everything.

I cant understand where local authorities look.

this is what is waiting for the USoA after the final collapse of the dollar

Im with Failmaster on this. I would love to know more about these abandoned places in Russia. More importantly I would like to know more about the process of taking possession (if not purchase) of one of them for a home.

Beautiful pictures and a great geography/history lesson! Who is really mightier man or nature?

Great pictures! I wish I could visit Russia because such spectacular ruin sites are rare in the USA. I imagine that one day someone will renovate it and make a hotel or other resort out of it. In America they probably would have torn it down decades ago and put up a gaudy hotel.

Americans dont even know that they have mysterious abandoned pieces of History.

It sounds like these are located in the Russian occupied parts of Georgia.

They are in fact Georgian. Its Russia that continues to rot, instead of developing into the modern world.

It makes me sad to see beautiful buildings like this one crumble thanks to abandonment, this happenns everywhere not only in Rusia, Georgia or europe. I saw an article about the russian abandoned wooded mansions and it was very touching too, it makes me wish to be billionaire in order to buy and fix these constructions because once it pass a certain state of deterioration they always use demolitions to fix the problem, in my country there was an earthquake that affected a large area with buildings with historical value, now there is a big amount of them that will be either demolished or fixed and Im hoping that they would use the first option but its very expensive so you never know, plus the people left without nothing its large and the goverment has priorities too but the amazing thing its that the same people left without a house want these buildins to be fixed because its part of their legacy and history, now I do hope that one day the same will happen here, that this building and the train station nearby will be restored to their former glories by the descendants of the same hands that worked so hard to build them, its not only a place its a history that needs to be saved for future generations and a legacy that needs to pass through not only in the blood but also in the love for the place because these constructions have a value not only for the local people but also for the people all over the world that appreciate their culture and history.

Its not Russia. It is Georgia!

During early 90s there was an ethnic cleansing of Georgians by Russian army in Abkhazia. Now it is occupied by Russian army and militarized like North Korea. That is the cause of this poverty. So far, Abkhazia is recognized as independent state only by Russia, Venezuela and Hamas. All other countries , recognize Abkhazia as part of country Georgia.

Please, somebody buy it for me!!!!!!!!!!! I am serious, please email me!

I could do all i can to save this palace but I m helpless. I do not have so much money to come there & save it from further destruction.

As it was said in the comments below the pictures, Abkhazia never was part of Russia. It was part of the Republic of Georgia, after soviet union fell and even before soviet union came to rule it was part of Georgia. It is really disappointing for a Georgian person to read a misleading story like this.

I cant beleive something of so much culture and history has fallen into ruins. Its just screams the most beautiful past and the most beautiful potential for the future if only someone would do something

I think the tree is growing from the top of the chimney, not all the way up to the chimney.

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Abandoned Mansion-Creve Coeur Missouri?

Abandoned Mansion-Creve Coeur, Missouri?

Does anyone know about this mansion that seems abandoned? Pics: Looks like its called Lenord Acres. My mom says she thinks it used to be a retirement home. I dont think it was. Its right off a main road. Any…

Does anyone know about this mansion that seems abandoned?

Looks like its called Lenord Acres. My mom says she thinks it used to be a retirement home. I dont think it was. Its right off a main road.

Please link to articles/sites with information.

Also, if you have any knowledge email me @

Sorry to repost, but I am trying to get in contact with someone who knows about this place.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Its directly across from taco bell/pizza hut and bank at the intersection of creve couer mill rd. and olive. You can sit in the parking lot at taco hut and see the driveway across the street. Heres the link:

Its the large house sitting behind the pond.Source(s):Chad 7 years ago0Thumbs up0Thumbs downReport AbuseComment

I have lived in West County for years and I never recalled this being advertised as a retirement home. At least I never saw any signs on Olive (the main road). Perhaps a realtor in the area might know for sure.

Was a country club for years. Very old has been closed and sitting empty for more than 20 years. Someone started some work on it about 10 years ago but stopped one day and never finished.

Have lived about 2 miles away from here for over 30 years.

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Abandoned Mansion-Creve Coeur, Missouri?

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Would you sleep in a abandoned mansion for a week?

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If you walked into an abandoned mansion and found 1000 coins…?

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