Polish our eyes, true and false mobile phone battery identification guide

Mobile phone batteries are required for every mobile phone, but the imitation goods on the market are endless. First, the length of the standby time The length of battery standby time is an important indicator of the pros and cons of the battery. The length of battery standby time is determined by the balance of … Continue reading “Polish our eyes, true and false mobile phone battery identification guide”

Mobile phone batteries are required for every mobile phone, but the imitation goods on the market are endless.

First, the length of the standby time

The length of battery standby time is an important indicator of the pros and cons of the battery. The length of battery standby time is determined by the balance of the unit rechargeable batteries that make up the battery. The actual battery standby time should be basically the same as that indicated on the manual. The fake is only half of the identification time. Some inferior batteries are assembled from used batteries and cores, plus new packaging. If the seller cannot guarantee that the standby time is the same as the instructions, you cannot purchase the battery. Some sellers have vowed, in fact, he does not know the actual capacity of the battery, just casually dictation. Such batteries are typically fabricated from poor quality battery cells. If you find that the standby time is short after purchase, you should request a refund immediately.

Second, the battery capacity

The capacity of a mobile phone battery is generally 1000 mAh/hour or 1000 mAh. Some fake batteries have no capacity identification at all, and there are signs and illegible characters. You can also take the battery to the mobile phone repair shop to measure the current to distinguish between true and false. Now everyone is using a lithium battery, and the lithium battery is composed of several batteries that are similar to the size of the 5th and 7th, and is equipped with a switching device and a protection circuit. So it has a certain weight. If the lithium battery you bought is too light, the battery capacity is insufficient and the battery may be defective. Generally, the weight of a 900mAh lithium battery cell is 35g. If the battery core of a battery plus other equipment and the battery case weigh less than 35g, the battery may be fake.

Third, security

The mobile phone battery is a flammable and explosive material. If there is no protection circuit inside the battery, it is easily deformed, leaked, or even exploded. However, in order to attract consumers at low prices, many inferior batteries have removed this circuit protection board to make more profits. There are still many unsafe batteries on the market, and it is difficult to identify them from the outside. It is best to buy at a regular telecommunications mall when purchasing.

There are three main types of mobile phone batteries on the market: lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel batteries. Because lithium-ion battery has the largest capacity, long standby time and light weight, it is the mainstream of mobile phone batteries. Therefore, all of the above are based on lithium batteries.

Appearance discrimination

The common problem of counterfeit and shoddy batteries is that the core components in the battery have poor quality, insufficient charging capacity, short discharge time, poor anti-destructive performance, and the standard battery capacity does not match the actual. All of this leads to short standby and talk time of the mobile phone. When the battery is fully charged, it will be fully discharged, and some will automatically shut down.

At present, the market is full of fake and shoddy mobile phone batteries, which has damaged the interests of many consumers. Genuine mobile phone batteries generally have the following appearance characteristics: the battery label uses secondary printing technology. Under certain light, when viewed from the slope, the color of the barcode part is obviously darker than other parts, and it is touched by hand, which feels slightly smaller than other parts. Convex, many original batteries have this feature. The surface of the genuine battery label is lightly scratched with metal objects, and there are traces like pencils. The battery case is made of special materials, which is very strong and not easy to damage. Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to open the battery case. The battery has a neat appearance, no extra burrs, a certain roughness on the outer surface and a comfortable hand. The inner surface feels smooth and under the light. Can see fine vertical scratches.

The battery electrode and the mobile phone battery have the same width, and the corresponding position under the battery electrode is marked with a “+” and “-” mark. The insulation material between the battery charging electrode pieces is the same as the outer casing material, but not integral. When the battery is installed in the phone, feel comfortable and comfortable. The battery lock is partially and securely pressed. The battery label is clearly written and has a battery part number corresponding to the battery type. The manufacturer on the battery should have a clear outline, and the anti-counterfeiting mark has good brightness and looks three-dimensional.

掂 component

Usually, lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight, and each battery is about 100 grams. Considering this obvious feature, you can’t fake it at random. You can use the method of measuring the weight of the mobile phone battery to identify whether the battery belongs to the hanging sheep. The type of dog meat sold, after all, other types of batteries, compared with lithium-ion batteries, the weight difference is relatively large, simply called a weight, if the battery is too heavy or too far from the 100-gram standard, it can be roughly inferred This battery is a counterfeit product.

The advantage of this method is that it is intuitive to identify and easy to operate. The disadvantage is that the identification range is limited, and it is only effective for identifying lithium ion batteries, and it is not convenient to implement.


The “watching and seeing” here actually refers to carefully observing the appearance color of the mobile phone battery, whether it is consistent with the appearance color of the mobile phone. At present, many mobile phone manufacturers, in order to gain a foothold in the mixed market and protect their own interests, will often strive to improve the technological level of mobile phone batteries through continuous technological transformation, in order to ensure the suppression of fake batteries through high quality quality. Battery sales. Under normal circumstances, the appearance color of the original mobile phone is exactly the same as the appearance color of the mobile phone battery. Therefore, we can install the battery that has just been selected on the mobile phone to see if the colors are the same between them. If there is a significant difference in the color and color between them, the battery is likely to be a counterfeit product.

Texture identification

There are some kinds of mobile phone batteries, we can completely identify the authenticity of the battery according to the method of combining the hardness of the point. Press firmly on the rounded joint of the phone battery and use your finger to directly feel the softness and hardness of the joint. Normally, the binding point of the genuine mobile phone battery is relatively softer, and it also shows a certain flexibility, especially when the battery is inserted into the mobile phone, there is a smooth and non-blocking feeling, and it is easy to insert, and it is suitable for the mobile phone. The harmony is stable with the lock; on the contrary, the texture of the inferior battery is relatively hard, and the battery is not easy to “slip” into the battery compartment of the mobile phone when it is installed.

The advantage of this method is that the operation is very simple. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the identification is not high, and the scope of identification is limited.

Packaging identification

Every piece of mobile phone battery with superior quality looks clean and clean, the texture is very clear, and the surface of the case is free of any scratches and damages. The label attached to the battery case should contain the type, model and capacity. , positive and negative signs, standard voltage, battery manufacturer name and other parameters. In addition, there should be no scratches on the metal contacts on the battery, and there should be no green or black mildew. If the mobile phone battery you selected is different from the genuine mobile phone battery described above, you can basically assume that the current purchased battery is a fake.

Charging observation

In general, the mobile phone battery with superior performance has an overcurrent protection device. Once a short circuit occurs outside the mobile phone and a large inrush current is generated, the overcurrent protection device can automatically cut off the charging circuit to avoid the high current of the mobile phone battery. Damage or burnout caused by impact. In the inferior battery, there is a good possibility that there is no overcurrent protection device; thus, after the battery is charged for a long time, the battery case may be hot, and if it is serious, smoke may occur. If the battery does not charge for a long time, it will appear hot, then the battery is out of order. The biggest advantage of this identification method is that it can accurately test the authenticity of the mobile phone battery, and it is effective for various batteries.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html

Some of these methods are stupid, but they are very practical. In general, it can be used to select batteries for most machine friends. I hope that you can buy cheap and high-quality products when you buy batteries for your love machine.

Hot weather in midsummer, improper use may cause mobile phone explosion

According to the Lanzhou Morning News, on June 19, at noon, Lanzhou’s local temperature was high. When a welding worker Xiao Jinpeng was wearing a mask, his cell phone in his chest pocket suddenly slammed, and Xiao Jinpeng fell in a pool of blood. In the middle, he was sent to the hospital and died after being rescued. It was only afterwards that it was the explosion of the cell phone battery that killed him. After the police investigated the scene and conducted an autopsy, it was initially believed that Xiao Jinpeng was blasted by the broken ribs due to the explosion of the mobile phone battery at high temperatures. The cell phone battery explosion is dead, and it is the first in the country.

Such a news is enough to touch all mobile phone users. As the most basic communication tool in contemporary society, mobile phones have been integrated into our lives. The latest statistics show that there are nearly 500 million mobile phones in China. It is precisely because the penetration rate of mobile phones is very high, so the problems related to mobile phones are also receiving much attention. Mobile phone users may be accidentally injured by the mobile phone they carry. Experts pointed out that in the summer high temperature situation, compared with the original battery, some cheap and low-quality fake batteries are even more prone to problems.

Cause of explosion

Three reasons for cell phone battery explosion

Borrowing experts’ opinions, there are roughly three reasons for battery explosion:

(1) The reason of the battery itself. Due to internal defects in the battery, the battery itself explodes without charging or discharging.

(2) The battery core has been overcharged for a long time. Lithium batteries may discharge a large amount of current in a special temperature, humidity, and poor contact conditions or circumstances, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion.

(3) Short circuit. This possibility is small. In addition, consumers may place their mobile phones near high temperature or flammable materials, which may also cause an explosion.

It seems that the poor quality of the fake battery makes our mobile phone into a grenade, then you have to be sure that your mobile phone must be the original battery? In the face of all kinds of batteries that are “high imitation” and “fine imitation”, are you sure to check out one by one?

The lithium battery we usually say is actually a lithium-ion battery that can be charged and belongs to a secondary battery. A lithium ion battery is composed of two compounds capable of reversibly intercalating and deintercalating lithium ions as a positive and negative electrode, and is composed of a positive electrode lithium compound, an intermediate electrolyte membrane, and a negative electrode carbon.

The operation of the lithium-ion battery is actually the transfer of lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes. When the battery is charged, lithium ions are deintercalated from the positive electrode and embedded in the negative electrode, and when discharged, they are deintercalated from the negative electrode and enter the positive electrode.

The above describes the working principle of the lithium ion battery, and the main components constituting the lithium ion battery are two parts, one is a battery core, and the other is a charging protection circuit. As shown in the above figure, the battery cell contains a positive electrode lithium compound, an intermediate electrolyte membrane, and a negative electrode carbon. The battery cells are generally packaged, and the outside is like a container, and the inside is an electrolyte membrane, so that it can only explode. It is a battery.

These two main components account for the vast majority of battery costs, counterfeiters pursue high profits, batteries, circuits are able to save money, save the province, use the cheapest materials, poor batteries mean low capacity, low conversion efficiency, The voltage drops faster and there are some unstable factors. The protection circuit is directly related to the charging control. If the control is improper, the battery will overcharge and overheat. The charging explosion seems to be more common, but most of the mobile phones do not charge. Carrying it with you, so the safety accident caused by the charging explosion is not much, and it has not received enough attention.

In addition, the expert also said that most of the batteries are now packaged in soft aluminum film. When the temperature is too high, it may burn and catch fire, but the probability of explosion has been relatively reduced. The factors that cause battery explosion are diverse, and high temperature is indeed one of the killers. In high temperature, the battery stability is poor, the probability of problems is correspondingly increased, and the poor quality of the fake battery is more dangerous.

market survey

Consumer attitude towards fake batteries

Consumers are resentful of fakes. They are probably the direct victims of fakes, but can they distinguish fakes and how to buy mobile batteries? Mr. Liu, who works for IT companies, is very interested in mobile phone products, and he is also very concerned. The frequency of mobile phone replacement is about one and a half years old. It is quite representative among young consumers. Mr. Liu told us that he has always hated fakes. The fake mobile phone has a short standby time and its life span is affected. On the other hand, the fake battery is not practical, and it is afraid of an accident all day. What’s more important is that it is even more annoying to be bought by a profiteer without knowing it. It is more irritating to spend more money, and there is a feeling of being fooled.

However, for how to distinguish fakes, Mr. Liu admits that he is not clear, and now the types and quantities of fakes are already very much, and the emergence of high imitation goods makes it very difficult to distinguish between authenticity and counterfeiting.

The proliferation of fake batteries in Zhongguancun

At the beginning, Zhongguancun did not do mobile phone business. Zhongguancun is only a distribution center for IT products and digital products. However, the emergence of smart phones has transformed a group of merchants who are doing electronic dictionaries and handheld computers, and began to sell smart phones. At this time, the main source of supply is Parallel imports, because the smartphone itself is relatively small, and the price is high, so the small price is high at the time, the merchants rely on high profits, the days are very moist, and naturally there is no need to make fake batteries.

Strictly speaking, fakes have already appeared at this time, but the type is single, and the imitation technology is not very clever. In addition, most of the smartphones purchased at that time are enthusiasts, and they are good at it, even if they have fakes. come out. Merchants only steal a battery to find a profit when the customer bargains too much.

If you want to make more money, you need more money to turn around, but you don’t have enough money, which creates contradictions, so refurbished goods and counterfeit accessories have become a magic weapon for them to make money. At the same time, the consumer groups of Zhongguancun mobile phones have also changed. From a small number of enthusiasts and players to a large number of mass consumers, the technology of fake imitation is even more prosperous, “high imitation”, “fine imitation” “, super fine imitation”, only literally, we can feel the level of today’s fraud.

Originally, this market lacked norms. Under disorderly competition, we have to say that fake batteries have already flooded in Zhongguancun.

Merchant attitude towards fake batteries

The survey shows that it is difficult to find genuine batteries in the counters selling mobile phones in Zhongguancun.

Isn’t the battery that Zhongguancun sells for mobile phones is not genuine?

Mr. Li: “No, the newly listed mobile phones will probably not match this kind of battery. After all, the profits are placed there. This kind of machine does not have to fight for 50 yuan. Everyone still has money to earn, so these machines There are more original electrics, and other accessories are also original, very complete. Only some mobile phones that have passed the hot market and some old models have more fake batteries. To put it bluntly, everyone is rotten. Mobile phones, mobile phones that make less money.”

Since the high imitation battery is flooding now, can you tell the exact difference?

Mr. Li smiled and said: “No, I can’t tell 100% accurately. For those who sell mobile phones, whether it is general sales or the boss, you ask, who can they boast about this seaport?” We asked immediately One of the sales around, sales smiles, can not tell by her own, most of the time I still ask others or ask the boss. The boss said that it is genuine and tells the customer that it is genuine.

■Special advice

Advice and advice to mobile phone users

Lanzhou mobile phone users died because of the explosion of mobile phones, but it can not but cause a lot of vigilance for many mobile phone users, because the survey results show that Beijing Zhongguancun, such as mobile phones, non-original batteries have been flooded, and mobile phone fake batteries in other parts of the country are also very serious. Just as the summer season, the weather is hot, the possibility of cell phone battery explosion is greatly increased, it must be prevented. Therefore, carry a mobile phone away from high temperature environment, for example, forgetting the mobile phone in the car, the sun exposure time is too long to explode, and also to avoid placing the phone in the jacket pocket. Maybe it’s safer to put your phone in your bag. For the explosion of mobile phones, consumers must not guard against it.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html

High parameter is not necessarily good.

The mobile phone can undoubtedly be regarded as the fastest growing product in the past two years, and with the collective progress of the screen, memory, camera, ring tones, etc., the overall level of the mobile phone has been raised to new times again and again. the height of. However, the advancement of technology is not necessarily known to everyone. Even the small editors who work as practitioners often have the feeling of “three days not seeing the same”, let alone those who are busy with their own work every day. Innocent consumers. It is precisely because of this, some black-hearted manufacturers can not help but start a trick, and began to deceive consumers through the technical point of view. This of course is our Zhongguancun online mobile channel can not see the past!

Screen parameters: 260,000 colors must be better than 65,536 colors?

Since the first 256-color color screen mobile phone was officially launched in China in 2001, we have experienced several dynasties such as 256, 4096, 65536 and 262144 color screens. Even a small number of products using 16777216 color screens exist in the market. Of course, we often see mobile phone manufacturers are happy to use this as a selling point to publicize. However, the screen of 260,000 colors must be better than 65,536 colors? Material color number is more important!

At present, the most common mobile phone screen materials are: TFT, TFD, STN, CSTN and UFB. With the birth of BenQ-Siemens S88 and Sharp V903SH in the parallel market, OLED and ASV are gradually becoming familiar. If the display effect is ranked from high to low, it is ASV, TFT, OLED, TFD, UFB, STN, CSTN. As the process matured, it also symbolized that high-end TFT screens have entered the mortal world, and most of the mid-end products use this material. In order to save costs, the mobile phone of about 1,000 yuan will be equipped with UFB, STN and so on. It can be said with certainty that the 260,000-color UFB display is inferior to the 65,536-color TFT, so users should never be superstitious.

The so-called resolution refers to the resolution of the picture, which consists of pixels. The higher the value, the finer the picture, the less graininess, and the more information that can be displayed. Most of the low-end mobile phones in the market currently use 128×128 and 128×160 resolutions, while the mainstream products are mainly 176×208 and 176×220, while the high-end is mainly occupied by QVGA (240×320). Some friends will complain that their mobile phones display blurred photos and subtleties are not clear, which are mainly caused by lower resolution. Just as our computer screen will have a new look after adjusting the resolution from 800×600 to 1024×768, we recommend that you try to choose a product with high resolution if economic conditions permit.

This is an important indicator that complements the screen color and resolution. It is usually based on the diagonal length in 吋 (inches). The larger the value, the larger the screen. In general, for screens of 2.0 inches or less, we don’t have to choose a product that is higher than 65,536 colors. Because research shows that the human eye is hard to feel the effect of color increase in this case. The screen above 2.0 inches, at least with a resolution of 176 × 208 (QVGA is better), so that the details of the image can be fully expressed, and then the effect of 260,000 or even 16 million colors, which is the best Combination method.

Memory capacity: How many word games can be returned?

No matter whether a mobile phone can support third-party memory cards, the memory capacity of the machine itself is a topic of concern to everyone. The bigger the natural, the higher the appeal. However, the real machine is often inconsistent with advertising. Faced with all kinds of “following words” from manufacturers, do you really have the ability to recognize?

Usually the unit we use to measure the phone’s memory space is MB, which is Mbyte. But now some mobile phone manufacturers are starting to introduce their products with Mbit. Why? Actually it is very simple, because 8bit=1Byte, so 8Mbit=1Mbyte. If a memory has only 5MB of products and you use Mbit as a unit, you can write it as 40Mbit. An unsuspecting consumer will naturally choose a product of a higher order of magnitude?

When the mobile phone is shipped from the factory, part of the content is solidified in the memory, and the user can call it and cannot delete it. Some vendors label the space occupied by the system with the sum of the memory actually opened up to the user in the advertising slogan, which is naturally much more than the products that only indicate the actual free memory. It is also worth noting that the memory of some products is not what the user wants to save. The manufacturer has fixed the space for pictures, videos, ring tones, etc. before leaving the factory, but it is not dynamically allocated, and it seems to shrink.

Photo effect: 4 million is not as good as 2 million?

The camera pixel, this is a topic that is increasingly valued by everyone after the mobile phone entered the megapixel level in 2004. However, what is the image quality of a camera phone, is it really only determined by the pixel level? Can you distinguish between “effective pixels” and “highest pixels”?

A high school classmate of Xiaobian recently purchased a LINUX smartphone with a 4 million-pixel camera that was just launched by a famous domestic mobile phone brand. However, after buying it, he found that the image quality is very general. At first I thought it was dust on the lens, but after a few wiping effects, it still didn’t improve. Later, I found out in the network that I found out that this is an effective pixel of only 1.3 million, but it is written by software and interpolated to achieve 4 million products, so its photo effect is actually less than 2 million pixels.

“Effective Pixels”, the English name for Effective Pixels, refers to the pixel values ​​that are actually involved in photographic imaging. The value of “highest pixel” (both nominally 4 million as previously mentioned) is the true pixel of the photoreceptor, which typically contains the non-imaged portion of the photosensor. When users buy a camera phone, they usually see that the merchant advertises “maximum pixels reach ***”, but avoids talking about the effective pixels. At this point, we must figure out what the effective pixels are, because this value is the key to determining the quality of the picture. Who should I choose for “AF” and “Face Focus”?

Although the megapixel camera is now the standard for many camera phones, it has become the mainstream of the market, but we must not simply regard their photo effects as the same horizontal line. With the decline of the Sony Ericsson K750c (data article price review), the “autofocus” phone is no longer a symbol of high-end. Our previous evaluations can prove that in the case of the same pixel, regardless of color performance, landscape level or macro, night scene shooting, etc., “autofocus” is much better than the ordinary “pan-focus” effect.

“AF” (AF, the abbreviation of English Auto Focus), also known as “Auto Focus”, is an electronic and mechanical device that automatically sets the focus on the subject and makes the image clear. Features. The most important feature of autofocus is high focusing accuracy and easy operation. Especially for focusing on the subject, autofocus has advantages, and it also helps the photographer to concentrate more on the captured picture. At present, mobile phones mostly use passive autofocus, which mainly performs autofocus by electronic visual or phase difference detection by receiving light from the subject.

Ringtone system: The higher the number of chords, the better the effect?

“Chord” is also called polyphony, polyphony, which refers to the sum of the pronunciations of each channel in MIDI. The polyphonic ringtones are richer than the previous monophonic sounds, and have a strong three-dimensional sense. Therefore, when the mobile phone used this technology, it immediately became popular. From 16 (previously there have been 4, 8, etc.) to the current top 128, the chord technology has grown very fast in the past two years. However, in the face of the rapid blush of real people singing MP3, AAC and WAV, the “chords” that can’t simulate vocals began to look faltering. Xiaobian here to advise consumers is that if you prefer to use MP3 ringtones, then you don’t have to care about the number of chords when you buy, because it has nothing to do with the MP3 ringtone effect, we have nothing to do with it. More attention should be paid to the quality of its speakers.

Standby time: Can you really not charge for a week?

We can often see 200 or even 300 hours in the standby time parameter of a certain model of a certain brand, but when we buy it, it is often found in the actual use process, the standby time of three days or even two days. Can’t reach it. So, is the manufacturer cheating us?

Under normal circumstances, after the manufacturer fully charges the mobile phone, the time that the battery can maintain between the consumption of the battery and the low battery warning is called “standby time” without being in a call, without shutting down, and without any operation. “, so we usually call it “theoretical standby time.” In actual life, the mobile phone not only has to shoulder calls, send and receive text messages, GPRS Internet access, play MP3 music, run JAVA games, etc. The battery also supplies power to the screen, keyboard lights, speakers and other modules, naturally it is impossible to reach the manufacturer test. The “ideal state”. Especially when the user is in a region where the network signal is not very good, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power search signal to further accelerate the battery power consumption.

Smartphone: How much more do you not know?

Look at a smartphone from the perspective of measuring a computer. However, when describing a product, the manufacturer often does not explain all the hardware information such as the central processing unit and the running memory space. This is especially true in the smartphone of the Symbian operating system Series60 platform. obvious. For similar events, we don’t have a particularly good solution. Only you often pay attention to our item evaluation and horizontal review articles. We will use professional evaluation tools to show them all in front of you. And bring the most objective evaluation and purchase suggestions.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html